How to be happy and street-smart: wear Happy Socks®

A man's legs in Peace & Love socks by Happy Socks: a pattern of peace signs, stars, hearts and doves against a hot pink background with a yellow cuff.
Happy Socks Peace & Love design. Image Credit: Happy Socks (with permission)

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Affiliate Disclosure

This post includes affiliate links. This means that if you click on them and buy items or services from those websites, I may receive a small commission. There is no extra cost to you, and as a bonus you’ll be sending some appreciation my way (so that I might be able to buy some Happy Socks). All opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for your support. To learn more, see my affiliate disclosure.

Now that I’ve got my very first blog post out of the way—phew!—it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of actually writing about socks.

I thought I’d kick off with a feature on one of my (many!) favourite sock companies and, as My Beloved is currently in Stockholm for work, I’ve bestowed that honour upon the brazenly colourful Swedish brand, Happy Socks®.

I hope said Beloved is reading this and picks up on the hint. You’ll have to keep an eye on the sock selfies to see if some Happy Socks® made their way into his suitcase.

Read on for five reasons why Happy Socks® will bring a smile to your feet.

Reason #1. Expressive socks for the creative urban adventurer

When it comes to cheerful, original, make-a-statement socks, Happy Socks® is a brand that totally nails it for me. Not surprising really when you consider the backgrounds of the company’s founders: Mikael Söderlindh, who before Happy Socks® had a ten year career in the advertising industry and Viktor Tell, an illustrator and graphic designer1.

The two friends formed Happy Socks® in 2008 with a singular vision: to “turn a pair of socks—an everyday accessory—into a designed colourful item that also spreads happiness.”

Reason #2. Cool street fashion: playful without being corny

One of the things I love about this witty street wear brand is that they consistently pull off bright designs without descending into cheesy cliché. In fact, Viktor Tell is quoted in an article on as saying:2

I didn’t want to do novelty socks—socks with Bart Simpson’s face—but socks featuring strong graphics inspired by anything from culture to architecture.”

Viktor Tell, Creative Director, Happy Socks®

I imagine it must be tough to stay fresh and relevant in the sock industry. Not only are we living in an age of market saturation, copy-catism, fast-changing trends and short attention spans but compared to other apparel items, there’s not a lot that can be changed beyond print, length, fabric, seam/no seam, padding or no padding.

Despite these challenges, the Happy Socks® happiness bug is clearly highly contagious as they’re now sold in over 90 countries, including Australia. They’ve also expanded their portfolio to include underwear and other accessories featuring their iconic patterns and colour palettes.

As a web developer and aspiring pattern designer, I also appreciate how they’ve carried their vibrant colours and patterns through to their website. Text animations and background videos add to the playful, urban energy without getting in the way of the products on offer. Their sock images are beautifully styled and their lookbook photography includes models of all shapes and sizes. So a big tick from me for promoting a healthy body image!

Reason #3. Achieving exclusivity through creative collaborations

One way they maintain the freshness factor is through limited-edition creative collaborations with an eclectic parade of artists, fashion icons, designers and cultural identities. Their current limited edition showcases designs from electro house musician Steve Aoki. He’s apparently an international megastar, but being something of a cave-dweller, I confess I hadn’t heard of him. Sorry Steve!

Reason #4. Happiness (and ethical fashion) starts from within

Happy Socks® is clearly a brand with a social conscience, judging by the informative Code of Conduct page on their website. I don’t know if such a page is actually a legal obligation for corporate websites in Sweden, but I was most interested to see it.

For the thoughtful consumer, it’s reassuring to learn that their products are free from hazardous chemicals (based on the based on the Oeko-Tex 100 standard) and that they’re made in factories where the rights and welfare of the workers are protected3.

Their happiness tip for simple living:

Although your Happy Socks won’t last forever, try and remember to always wash you socks and tights inside out to extend their lifetime!

Happy Socks ®

The Happy Socks® collections

Enough of the fan-girl raving, tell me about their socks!

Well, their broad offering runs the full gamut of cute tights for babies through to funky king size socks for men. In addition to their fashion, formal-wear and more casual low-cut socks, they have an athletic line which features light compression and a cushioned sole.

Right now I am completely infatuated with the striking designs and modern-retro mood in their recently launched Hysteria lifestyle sock brand for women. If you’re familiar with my Monkeyshine design aesthetic, you’ll understand why these vivid yet sophisticated colours, and geometric patterns inspired by mid-century architecture, are right up my alley!

And if you’re on the hunt for stylish gift ideas, they have a delectable selection of gift boxes. But do note that you have to go with their pre-packaged combinations, you can’t mix and match your own. They also offer a corporate gifts service for companies who want to say “thank you” in a unique way.

And the best news? Reason #5…

Happy Socks® is currently offering a discount, which you can access via the link Happy Socks: 20% Off + Free Shipping With Code HAPPYGIFTS. This promotion has now ended, but I’ll be sure to update this post as soon as I learn about a new Happy Socks ® promotion.

From 15 September 2017 to 10 October 2017, you can use the coupon code HAPPYGIFTS at checkout to take advantage of this promotion. The code is valid on all products except limited editions, outlet items and gift cards. This coupon code cannot be combined with other offers or discount codes.


Ethical Swedish street wear brand spreading happiness through colourful socks. Wide selection of socks for kids, women and men, including fashion, formal, casual and athletic, as well as chic gift boxes. Vibrant colours and striking, cheeky, original patterns. Limited edition collaborations with other artists and cultural icons. I’m in love with the super-stylish, sophisticated Hysteria range for women.

From 15 Sept to 10 October 2017 they’re offering 20% off + free shipping. It’s my Plan B for getting my feet inside some new Happy Socks, should My Beloved return from Sweden with no special surprises in his suitcase.

But what are you waiting for? Be your best self in Happy Socks: 20% Off + Free Shipping With Code HAPPYGIFTS This promotion has now ended, but I’ll be sure to update this post as soon as I learn about a new Happy Socks ® promotion.

Footnotes if you’ll pardon the pun
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